Benefits of drinking ZEO and non-alcoholic spirits

Aside from enjoying the superior and refreshing taste each of our ZEO spirits bring to every sip, there are endless other benefits to choosing an alcohol-free alternative. With a societal change to focus more on our health and wellbeing, the option to be sober has become an increasingly popular one.

We have Great Taste

We use a unique 5-Step Process to make sure each sip of ZEO tastes just like your favourite spirit.

Made in the UK, Naturally

Every sip of ZEO is infused with natural botanicals, all distilled & blended expertly in the UK.

Only the Good Stuff

Imagine this: all the complexity of alcohol minus the sugar, calories and gluten. Plus, it’s vegan!

Feel 100% You the morning after

Who doesn’t feel better after a good nights’ sleep? One of the best benefits of choosing non-alcoholic drinks is you’ll sleep better and won’t be left feeling groggy the next morning. Nearly all of us have experienced a hangover from hell at one point in our lives, the type that leaves you feeling awful all day. Sleep deprivation is a large part of that brain fog you can feel, as alcohol disrupts your ability to access deeper sleep. Mixing it up with alcohol-free options means you’ll still have fun out with friends but won’t be left feeling awful the next day, a win-win situation.

Better mental health

We probably don’t need to tell you that one of the major benefits to choosing non-alcoholic spirits is improved mental health- especially the day after a night out with friends. As alcoholic is a depressant, it slows down part of your brain that alters your moods meaning it can make even the brightest spark feel dull. Choosing a night drinking ZEO won’t leave you feeling down the next day and as you have 100% control, you won’t be left second-guessing if you did or said something totally out of character.

Better for your physical health

As well as having a good impact on your mind, when you cut down or cut out alcohol your body responds well too. Instead of experiencing increased heart rate and blood pressure which can lead to more serious health implications such as heart attacks and strokes, non-alcoholic spirits don’t put stress on the body in the same ways. As well as this, alcoholic drinks tend to mean consuming many more calories than we’d care to admit, whereas spirits such as ZEO are much lower in calories, meaning you can enjoy more of them! Losing weight is another knock-on effect of going alcohol-free that many people experience.

You won't miss out on the fun

With alcohol-free drinks increasingly offering more choice, taste and flavour, they’re offering an enjoyable alternative to drinking alcoholic drinks without missing out. On the contrary, with the significant rise in ‘mocktail menus’, who would even know whether you’re sipping on your favourite spirit or simply the ZEO version.

Be rewarded for drinking with ZEO

Here at ZEO, we’re fans of truly rewarding customers who choose alcohol-freedom which is why we reward you every time you interact, sign-in or purchase one of our ZEO non-alcoholic spirits. And the more points you earn, the more money back you can enjoy to spend on our collection of drinks, exclusive to ZEO.

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