Great tasting non-alcoholic spirits

We have Great Taste

Our unique 5-Step Process means you can count on ZEO to taste great. Just like alcohol.

Made in the UK, Naturally

Proudly made in the UK using only the finest natural botanicals. Not your typical alcohol-free spirit.

Only the Good Stuff

ZEO has all the flavour of alcohol without the calories, gluten and sugar. Plus, it’s vegan!

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It’s all in the ingredients

Wondering how we managed to get the flavour of alcohol so spot on? Well, it’s all in the ingredients. We use premium natural botanicals to create an alcohol-free distilled spirit without a drop of alcohol in sight.


Developed in collaboration with award-winning bartender Simone Caporale

Simone Caporale is an internationally renowned bartender with a distinctive personal style. Hailing from the Italian city of Como, Simone arrived in London in 2009 before joining Artesian’s bar team in 2010. During his time at Artesian, Simone and his team won an unprecedented number of awards. In October 2015, Drinks International recognised Artesian as the world’s best bar for the fourth year running. Simone later left Artesian to pursue new ventures and push the boundaries of the drinks industry. His next challenge - to produce the finest non-alcoholic spirits.

Discover ZEO

What's in it?

Compromise just isn’t in our nature. So, we use the same high-quality botanical ingredients you’ll recognise from alcoholic spirits. This helps to create the most authentic flavour possible.

Caraway Seed

Often found in clear, distilled spirits like Aquavit, caraway seeds are perfect for low-alcohol spirits

Carum carvi


Notes of almond and hay enhance lighter non-alcoholic vodka or gin cocktails

Filipendula ulmaria

Liquorice Root

With a fennel-like flavour, liquorice root is often used in alcohol-free gin to add sweetness

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Orris Root

The sweet, floral aroma of orris makes it a popular flavour-enhancer in non-alcoholic gins and perfumes

Rhizoma iridis


Peppermint brings an extra level of freshness to any drink, alcohol-free or not

Mentha piperita

Coriander Seed

This citrussy seed offers a burst of flavour that works well as a gin non-alcoholic substitute

Coriandrum sativum


This premium spice brings sweetness and a creamy aroma to dessert cocktails like an alcohol-free Espresso Martini

Vanilla planifolia

Cubeb Berries

An alcohol-like warmth comes with every sip of ZEO. Thanks to the spice of cubeb berries

Piper cubeba

Grains of Paradise

A relative to both ginger and cardamom families, grains of paradise lend ZEO and extra spicy flourish

Aframomum melegueta