Botanical Dry

Alcohol-Free Spirit

Love to drink but hate the hangover? Then ZEO Botanical Dry is just the ticket. Our non-alcoholic spirit is perfect for replacing vodka or gin in your favourite cocktails.

We have Great Taste

We use a unique 5-Step Process to make sure each sip of ZEO tastes just like your favourite spirit.

Made in the UK, Naturally

Every sip of ZEO is infused with natural botanicals, all distilled & blended expertly in the UK.

Only the Good Stuff

Imagine this: all the complexity of alcohol minus the sugar, calories and gluten. Plus, it’s vegan!

Definitely not a cordial

With the same warmth, texture and flavour of a traditional spirit, ZEO Botanical Dry simply isn’t your typical soft drink. Our non-alcoholic spirit tastes just as good mixed with tonic water as it does neat. Can you say the same for cordial? No, we didn’t think so.

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