Zeo Alcohol Free Drink

Frequently Asked Questions about ZEO & non-alcoholic spirits

Read Frequently Asked Questions about ZEO and our non-alcoholic spirits

Have questions about non-alcoholic spirits? Or perhaps how ZEO's unique 5-Step Process works? Find out more below.

  • What is a non-alcoholic drink?

    In the UK, a non-alcoholic drink refers to any drink with less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). When consuming a non-alcoholic drink, the alcohol can't build up in the blood as the body is able to process the alcohol nearly as fast as one is able to drink it.

  • What is a non-alcoholic spirit?

    In general, a non-alcoholic spirit is a non-alcoholic drink that has undergone a process similar to that of a traditional alcoholic spirit such as distilling but without alcohol added at any point.

  • Does ZEO contain any alcohol?

    Our spirits are classified as non-alcoholic, meaning they contain 0.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) or less. For ZEO Botanical Dry, it is typically 0.45% ABV. 

  • Does ZEO taste like the real deal?

    At ZEO we use a unique 5 Step Process to infuse our non-alcoholic spirits with botanicals - a process that results in a complex taste and texture that makes you feel like you're making zero compromises.

  • Is ZEO vegan?

    ZEO's non-alcoholic spirits are 100% vegan. All botanicals and distillates used in our unique 5 Step Process are natural and plant derived. We recommend reading the individual product pages for more information on ingredients.

  • Does ZEO contain any allergens?

    All ZEO non-alcoholic spirits are free from known allergens.

  • Can I drink ZEO and drive?

    In the UK, drinking anything while driving could be considered ‘driving without due care and attention’, an offence that can result in a fine. At ZEO, we recommend health and safety above all else. It is safe to drink a ZEO non-alcoholic spirit before driving.

  • Are there any health benefits to non-alcoholic drinks?

    There are numerous health benefits to choosing non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol Freedom has been shown to promote better physical health, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and stress, as well as decrease the risk of obesity and diabetes, to name a few. Alcohol Freedom has different meanings and benefits for each and every one of us. We encourage you to find yours with ZEO.

  • Is ZEO safe to drink when pregnant?

    Our Botanical Dry spirit is completely fine to drink when pregnant, but it does contain some natural caffeine. Luckily it isn’t much, in 50ml of ZEO there’s about 5% of the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. This is a perfectly safe amount for pregnant women to drink but we get that many like to avoid it completely.