All About ZEO

We’re here to breathe life into your home bar, with non-alcoholic drinks that actually taste like alcohol. High quality and developed by bartenders who really know their stuff, you’ve never tasted low-alcohol spirits like ZEO’s.

The big a-ha moment came three years ago. We were regularly spending our weekends feeling hungover and sluggish after a big night out on the Friday. That flicked a switch somewhere and together, we decided to make a change.

After our fruitless hunt for a quality non-alcoholic gin ran dry, we decided to make our own. But, instead of your bog-standard alcohol-free spirit, we wanted to create a truly unique drink. And so began our mission to blend the best-tasting non-alcoholic spirit ever to hit your drinks cabinet.

It took three long years but we got there, and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. The ZEO you see before you today captures the warmth and texture of a traditional spirit… without the alcohol. The path to ZEO revolutionized our attitude towards drinking. We’ve switched out mid-week G&Ts for a refreshing Botanical Dry with tonic, and we’ve reclaimed Sundays for the better. Our next step? A realistic non-alcoholic whiskey. Watch this space for ZEO Spiced Oak. With the ball fully in our court, we feel ready to conquer the world day in, day out. Now that’s what we like to call alcohol freedom.

We have Great Taste

We use a unique 5-Step Process to make sure each sip of ZEO tastes just like your favourite spirit.

Made in the UK, Naturally

Every sip of ZEO is infused with natural botanicals, all distilled & blended expertly in the UK.

Only the Good Stuff

Imagine this: all the complexity of alcohol minus the sugar, calories and gluten. Plus, it’s vegan!

Whether you’re taking part in a short-term charity pledge for sobriety, or are simply being more mindful about your health, choosing to go alcohol-free without compromise shouldn’t be a challenge in this day and age. Making healthier choices shouldn’t feel like a chore and often opting out of alcoholic drinks can leave you feeling a little deflated with very alternatives on offer.

Choosing to go alcohol-free should be supported not suppressed by poor-tasting, unimaginative soft drink options. By creating superior tasting alcohol-free spirits that work as a perfect replacement, we’ve addressed the lack of choice on the market by bringing the depth of flavours you’d expect from your favourite spirits - without the hangover.

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What Alcohol Freedom could mean for you

So, what’s alcohol freedom?

Alcohol freedom is breaking free from the norm. It’s realising that drinking less doesn't mean you miss out, it means you gain everything. Drinking as much, or as little, as you want. Staying present and in the moment, so you can really make the most out of life. Alcohol freedom is knowing there’s a delicious low-alcohol drink in the bar by your work, the shop up the street or in your drinks cabinet. It’s having genuinely worthy non-alcoholic options for those nights we don't want to drink.

Why ZEO?

To us, delicious non-alcoholic options are key to alcohol freedom. Life shouldn’t be about compromising. Whether that’s compromising on ingredients, flavour or enjoyment. We only use premium botanicals to create the crème de la crème of non-alcoholic drinks. With more and more drinks to substitute alcohol hitting the market every year, you’d think we’d be worried. But no. We're confident because ZEO really is the best-tasting non-alcoholic spirit."

Where can I try ZEO?

We understand, we’d want to get our hands on some ZEO if we were you. Luckily, It’s pretty easy to buy ZEO and you can order directly from our website or from Amazon. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for ZEO in your local supermarket or boutique spirit shop . If you’re out and about, looking for a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail, why not sip ZEO from the comfort of a bar? Head to The Connaught, Chiltern Firehouse or any Hawksmoor restaurant across the nation and you’ll be in luck. Can’t see us behind the bar? Simply ask for ZEO non-alcoholic spirit and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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