The best non-alcoholic cocktails & drinks to make at home

Non Alcoholic Cocktails and Drinks

We don’t need to tell you that going alcohol-free is far from boring - on the contrary, here at ZEO, we’re always trying fun new ways to recreate classic recipes using our non-alcoholic spirits. With many more of us choosing alcohol freedom it’s time to get creative so we thought we’d share some of the best non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks you can make at home that really make the most of staying sober.

Whether you’re hosting a social gathering, going to a birthday party or fancy fixing a new drink at home, why not give our alcohol-free cocktails a whirl and enjoy the taste of some of your favourite drinks, without the cost of tomorrow.


Adding our own ZEO twist on a timeless classic, the ‘Sans-Whiskey Sour’ is for those of us looking for a short, sharp and sophisticated drink to enjoy over ice. Using our very own Spiced Oak spirit, this ‘dry’ take on such a popular drink will not disappoint.

Non Alcoholic Sans Whiskey Sour

Ingredients (makes enough for 1 drink)

1x 50ml ZEO Spiced Oak

35ml lemon juice

1 egg white (optional but won’t produce silky taste)

Ice cubes

For garnish

2 cherries

Slice of lemon or orange

Ice cubes

Method: Prepare your tumblers or serving glasses by adding a couple of ice cubes into them so you aren’t pouring ice-cold cocktails into warm glasses. Then start by juicing a fresh lemon, you’ll need around a tablespoon or 35ml if you’re using a pre-made juice. Add this along with half an egg white, several ice cubes and ZEO Spiced Oak to your cocktail shaker.

Shake up your ingredients for around 20 seconds and then pour in the glass over ice cubes. Slice your orange or lemon garnish and add your cherries. And it’s as easy as that. 

Just like it’s alcoholic version, our Sans-Whiskey Sour works best with half an egg white but if that’s a step too far, simply try it without.


A definite crowd-pleaser for anyone who’s partial to a cool glass of fizz, our own take on another classic Prosecco Fizz is an effortlessly glamorous cocktail that’s guaranteed to impress even the fussiest tastebuds. If you’re feeling fruity, why not try mixing up the garnish with our versatile ZEO Botanical Dry that works well with all citrus fruits.

Non Alcoholic Neo-secco Sour


200ml No-secco (any brand you like)

1x 50ml ZEO Botanical Dry

A squeeze of lemon (optional)

A dash of soda water 

For garnish

Lemon peel

Method: Simply pour a large shot measure of ZEO’s Botanical Dry into a champagne flute or your favourite fizz glass and add the No-secco of your choice. Top your glass up with a dash of lemon juice and soda water then sit back and sip, knowing you won’t forget a thing.


If you’re looking for something that packs punch but won’t leave you feeling fuzzy the next day, we’d highly recommend trying out our ZEO-Groni, a take on a classic Negroni cocktail.  Our recipe is flexible enough if you just want to add the grapefruit without heating with sugar first.

Non Alcoholic ZEO-Groni


Half a Grapefruit (need 125ml juice per person)

1x 50ml ZEO Botanical Dry

125g Caster sugar (per person)

Orange- sliced

Fresh coriander leaves or seeds


For garnish


Orange slice

Method for grapefruit syrup: In a pan over a light heat add chopped grapefruit with the sugar along with 125ml of water, the orange slice and coriander. Heat for 5 mins, then stir up and sieve into your cocktail mixer.

Method without: Juice a grapefruit, using 125ml measures per cocktail or use shop-bought grapefruit juice and squeeze a slice of orange into your cocktail shaker. Add ice, ZEO Botanical Dry and coriander and shake. Then pour into your tumbler over more ice, add a slice of orange (if you fancy) and enjoy!

Why not try adding your own twist to our recipes and share your own non-alcoholic cocktails with us using #ZEOMoments.