How to Make an Alcohol-Free Christmas Hamper

ZEO Botanical Dry next to an alcohol-free Christmas hamper

Trees and fairy lights are popping up all over the country, online shopping is in full swing and it’s getting chillier. That’s right, even the grinches among us can’t deny that Christmas is coming. With this year a little different, we’ll all be clamouring to make sure it’s one of the best yet. And what’s more festive than a Christmas hamper? Better yet, an alcohol-free Christmas hamper.

Hampers are normally filled with decedent food and drink that you only really treat yourself to at Christmas time. In many households giving and receiving Christmas hampers has become something of a tradition. And why should this year be any different?

Sure, you could hotfoot it down to M&S or Fortnum’s (for the slightly bigger budgets). But what’s more personal than building one yourself? Creating a personalised non-alcoholic Christmas hamper from scratch really shows you care. Luckily it isn’t too tricky.


Why create a Non-Alcoholic Christmas Hamper

For lots of people, Christmas screams of partying, indulgence and drinking. But that isn’t the case for everyone. For many, Christmas can be a hard time to stay away from alcohol, whether that’s for medical, religious or health reasons.

Perhaps you have a friend who’s hoping for their first alcohol-free Christmas this year. Or, maybe you’re looking for the right gift for a family member who’s never drunk. Or, perhaps your partner is pregnant, and you know she deserves a treat when everyone else is having a boozy knees-up.

The problem is, most Christmas hampers have a spot of alcohol here or there. Even if there isn’t a bottle of bubbly in sight, there’s some whiskey-infused chocolates lurking at the bottom. Or even a Christmas cake drenched in brandy. Trust us, we’ve tried and failed to find a good one.

Sure, a bottle of non-alcoholic spirit will probably do the job. But creating a hamper from scratch with some of their favourite treats inside really shows you care. Read on as we show you how.  

How to create a Christmas Hamper

Making a Christmas hamper isn’t something everyone knows how to do, so you’d be forgiven for getting a little stuck. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Years of putting together alcohol-free hampers for our friends, families and sometimes each other mean we know every trick in the book. The next four steps show just how you can make your own hamper at home.

  1. Find a hamper. Of course, no Christmas Non-Alcoholic Hamper is complete without the hamper itself. If you’re a traditionalist, wicker baskets are pretty popular but there are lots of other options too. For something a little fancier, instead of opting for a basket why not consider a more premium option? Perhaps an elegant walnut wood box or even a fabric basket that can be reused time and time again. To make sure your hamper is big enough, have some idea about what you want to include. Our ZEO Botanical Dry 70ml Spirit is just shy of 27cm tall if that helps (cough, cough).
  1. Padding your Christmas hamper. Unless you’re going to fill your hamper to the brim with lots of snack and goodies, you’ll probably need something to pad it out. We always avoid plastic and foil because they aren’t recyclable. Luckily, wood shavings, raffia or tissue paper are all sustainable, recyclable and reusable, making them perfect for padding out hampers.
  1. To wrap or not to wrap? When it comes to wrapping your hamper, you have three options. You could wrap the individual treats, wrap around the hamper or simply leave it all unwrapped and on display. The choice is up to you. But remember, Sellotape, cellophane and wrapping paper that’s foiled, laminated or glittery aren’t recyclable. Instead opt for kraft paper and recyclable tape to be a little kinder on the planet.
  1. Now to fill it… Now that you’ve got all the essentials together, you can start with the exciting stuff. Filling a hamper for someone who’s having a no alcohol Christmas has never been easier. Keep reading for some more inspo.

Top tip: If you’re making hampers for lots of people, buy your boxes, padding and gift wrap in one go.


What to put in your Non-Alcoholic Hamper

When you’re looking for a non-alcoholic Christmas hamper in the UK, they’ll normally be filled with lots of gluttonous treats. Which is nothing to be frowned at, but it’s hardly personal, is it? When you’re creating a hamper from scratch you have free rein over what goes in.

So, if they prefer spicy food, fill it with their favourite hot sauces and crisps. If they have a sweet tooth, hunt down some indulgent chocolates (keep an eye out for liqueur chocolates though). A bottle of their favourite alcohol-free drink always goes down a treat too as that really makes the hamper unique.

The world is your oyster. But as a safe bet, there are some Christmas hamper goodies that always go down well. Think loose leaf tea, chocolates, festive chutneys and savoury snacks like crackers or chestnuts. If you can find one, then a non-alcoholic Christmas cake always goes down well. Plus, don’t forget some biscuits they can tuck into on Christmas Day. If you’re pushing the boat out, you could even make them yourself.

Put some effort into it and we’re certain this’ll be the most thoughtful non-alcoholic Christmas gift they’ve ever opened.