How are ZEO non-alcoholic spirits made?

ZEO Non Alcoholic Spirits

Whether you’re sober-curious, wanting to cut out the booze or simply enjoy soft drinks, you’re probably wondering how a spirit can be infused and distilled to become alcohol-free. With the growing trend of people opting for alcohol-free alternatives when drinking socially, we thought we’d share our very own process, here at ZEO, on how we make our own non-alcoholic spirits Botanical Dry and Spiced Oak.

Before we dive into how they’re made, let’s cover what exactly alcohol-free spirits are;

What are non-alcoholic spirits?

By the very definition, non-alcoholic spirits are a drink that has undergone the same or similar process as traditional alcoholic spirits such as distilling but has not had alcohol added at any point. Unlike the typical gin distilling method which infuses botanicals and flavour with alcohol, we simply infuse botanicals with mineral water instead.

Premium non-alcoholic spirits are not secondary drinks to their alcoholic versions- on the contrary- they are delicious drinks that deliver just as much depth and flavour, without the hangover.

Here at ZEO we have our own thorough and precise distilling, infusing and blending process, that uses the finest botanicals from sustainable sources.

How are non-alcoholic spirits made?

They’re typically made in large metal distillery chambers, just like gin and vodka, with the infusion stage usually being a form of vapour distillation or cold brew infusion that produces batches of flavour extractions using stills just as you would for alcoholic spirits. The infusion stage involves using the same botanicals such as Madagascan vanilla, caraway seed and orris root to ensure the same flavours come through. In the same way as a fine whisky, the botanical extractions are then blended together in a precise way to deliver a smooth consistent flavour.  

Here at ZEO, we wanted to replicate the same detailed process that goes into creating premium alcoholic spirits by using the same tried-and-trusted methods even down to the botanical blends we have paired.

What are ZEO non-alcoholic spirits made from?

In place of the alcohol, a unique blend of warming botanicals are used to replicate the taste and mouthfeel of alcohol and much like a traditional gin, this is blended with mineral water. This complex blend of botanicals ensures the taste isn’t lost during the process. It is this attention to detail with blending flavours that have seen premium spirits, such as ZEO, become the choice du jour when people want an alternative.

We carefully source only the finest sustainable botanicals for our ZEO drinks, choosing the best ingredients like Indonesian cubeb berries and liquorice root to ensure the highest quality flavours in every sip. With sophisticated batch processes in place, the end result creates a quality drink that empowers people to enjoy their night with friends and feel fresh the next day.

How do you drink ZEO spirits?

Our spirits can be used much like a traditional alcoholic spirit, served with your favourite mixer, in a cocktail or even straight up over ice meaning you can enjoy ZEO without compromise and without losing the next day. We truly believe in empowering people to make choices that are personal to them and by creating a sophisticated alcohol-alternative, there’s simply no excuse not to enjoy every moment, with ZEO spirits.

In fact, our drinks are safe for everyone to enjoy, from designated drivers, pregnant people and those who simply enjoy being sober. Feel empowered to make the choice of alcohol-freedom, feel 100% ZEO.

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