Examples of social occasions that are best enjoyed sober

Enjoying Without Alcohol

Whether it’s meeting friends for a festive fizz or simply kicking back on a Friday evening, relaxing with an ice-cold alcoholic drink has become part of our social society. So it comes as no surprise that when people are trying to cut down or cut out alcohol, they often find it tricky to sip a soft drink without raising a few eyebrows- until now.

Believe it or not, there are some social occasions where going sober is totally acceptable- sometimes even advised! 

We’ve put together a list of some of the social occasions where it’s perfectly acceptable and even expected to enjoy celebrating without alcohol to help inspire that fresh feeling the morning after the night before. 

Christenings and 'Baby Showers'

One of the best social occasions to go alcohol-free is any party or celebration with lots of little ones rushing around and Christenings are usually jam-packed with babies and toddlers. As well as lots of children needing extra supervision, there are usually a lot of family members in attendance, meaning it’s probably better to have a clear head when socialising with them. We’ve probably all been to a family get together where someone has maybe had one too many, acting out of character or even worse!

Baby showers are another great example of when it’s completely fine to say no to the wine and show solidarity for your pregnant friend at the same time! If ever there was a perfect time to enjoy some soft drink alternatives, it’s when celebrating the anticipated arrival of a newborn baby, besides there are plenty of other times that new parents will eagerly accept an invitation to enjoy a stiff drink but celebrating the new arrival simply isn’t one of those times.

Non alcoholic baby shower

Family Get-togethers

Family gatherings and celebrations should be occasions you remember fondly so why not make the most of spending time with people you love by going alcohol-free. Being sober at any kind of family party means you can keep a clear head when tackling some trickier questions about what you’re up to in your private life or even if your job is going well! 

It will also mean you can enjoy your evening with those you love most, without the dreaded feeling of regret the next day. Take the opportunity to really get to know your family members with a clear head and have a zero alcohol approach for your next family party.

Christmas Eve Drinks

Arguably one of the most popular nights of the social calendar, those festive ‘Christmas Eve drinks’ has become almost ingrained in our society, with the night before becoming the norm for many of us. Of course, this also means many of us then see in the big Day with a hazy head or even worse! Christmas Day is a time for many to enjoy friendly company, perhaps small children and of course, a big meal-  but when hangovers are introduced, it can also be a recipe for disaster! 

We’re not suggesting skipping out on the social gathering on Christmas Eve, instead try swapping out your usual alcoholic beverage for a zero alcohol alternative and keep a fresh head for the big day.

The Office Party

Another great example of a social gathering that would be best enjoyed sober is the office party. Again, typically these invites ramp up towards Christmas with everyone looking for a good excuse to leave the office early and enjoy a festive tipple!

Whilst it can be tempting to order a large drink after a hectic day in the office, maintaining a more professional approach when socialising with colleagues will mean you’ll have one less thing to worry about the next morning. This is the perfect time to try being alcohol-free as socialising from a professional perspective probably requires you to be a little more alert.


Believe it or not, but weddings are another perfect social opportunity to be sober for as they’re often a wonderful excuse to enjoy time with family and friends. Despite popular belief, being sober at a wedding is often very liberating and can be the best option for many guests - especially if they’ve got a role in the wedding. 

Whether you’re best man, a bridesmaid or even the bride, swapping out alcohol for a soft alternative doesn’t have to be boring- who wouldn’t want to remember every moment from a day filled with love, laughter and terrible dancing! 

Going alcohol-free for those more sentimental social occasions can often be the better option as it means enjoying the situation much more! Staying sober for a party shouldn’t feel like a chore, and now with more choice than ever when it comes to alcohol-free alternatives, there’s no reason not to make those memories really last a lifetime. 

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