How to Enjoy a Non-Alcoholic Christmas This Year

Alcohol-free Christmas party

Good news, it isn’t as hard as you might think to enjoy an alcohol-free Christmas this year. Normally, Christmas is full of parties, gluttonous lunches and vats full of mulled wine. So, it can be one of the hardest times of year to try cutting down on alcohol.

However, this year’s festivities are probably going to be a little different to those of Christmases past. Raucous nights down the pub may be traded in for a more sophisticated 6-person affair in the garden (don’t forget your thermals). The work Christmas do will probably be reimagined into a socially distanced drink by the photocopier, or even a dreaded Zoom quiz. Working lunch anyone? Not to mention Christmas Day, which at this moment remains shrouded in mystery.

For many people who are looking to drink less, these almost obligatory soirées can be really challenging. Let’s face it, never is peer pressure stronger than saying you aren’t drinking on Christmas Eve in the pub.

So, in this year of change, why not use the quieter Christmas period as the opportunity to cut back a little?


Reasons for Going Alcohol Free at Christmas

There are many reasons an alcohol-free Christmas might be on the cards this year. Perhaps you’re pregnant and looking for alcohol alternatives, or maybe you’re simply fed up of hangovers. Whatever the reason, we know cutting down on alcohol isn’t always easy.

Pregnant or breastfeeding

If you’re used to drinking, then you may find quitting alcohol for nine months hard, especially over Christmas. Not only will you probably find your energy levels falling, but socialising without alcohol poses a new challenge. Luckily, more and more exciting alternatives to alcohol are entering the market and should make this year much easier. Whether that’s non-alcoholic spirits like ZEO (blowing our own trumpet here) or caffeine-free soft drinks, pregnancy or breastfeeding over Christmas just became lots easier.

Trying to quit

For those struggling with alcohol addiction, a no alcohol Christmas might seem near impossible. However, with restrictions on social gatherings in place and some of the social pressure removed, this winter will be different. In fact, 2020 could even be the year you take one step closer to quitting altogether.

Cutting back

If you simply want to cut back on alcohol then, oddly, 2020 might be your year. With less social occasions on the horizon and more and more realistic alcohol-free drinks available, it’s never been easier.

Fed up of hangovers

Perhaps you’ve reached a point where weekly hangovers mean you’re regularly spending your weekend recovering on the sofa. Or perhaps you’ve realised a hangover combined with excitable children on Christmas morning is a challenge not worth facing. Reclaim your Christmas break and make lasting memories by drinking less alcohol.

Health reasons

Lots of people choose to give up alcohol for health reasons, both mental and physical. One reason for this is because alcohol can actually act as a depressant. So, with the added stress of a global pandemic and lots of uncertainty in the air, cutting down on alcohol can improve your mental health. 


Top Tips for Enjoying Christmas without Alcohol

So, you’ve decided to stop drinking this Christmas, what next? We’ve created a list of tips that will hopefully help you navigate the festive season without a drink in hand.

Change your mindset

Sure, that’s easier said than done, but once you realise that not drinking doesn’t mean you’re missing out then it all gets easier. In fact, there’s so much more to gain from an alcohol-free Christmas. Concentrate on making memories you won’t forget and just think how fresh you’ll feel the next day. Sobriety might even mean you win a few more rounds in your family Christmas games. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Treat yourself

Staying of the sauce doesn’t mean you have to drink squash and sit on the kids’ table. In fact, a no alcohol Christmas looks much more sophisticated in 2020. Treat yourself to a bottle or two of your favourite drink. Whether that’s a spirit, wine or beer, nowadays there’s an alcohol-free alternative for everything. And don’t be afraid to get creative. There are plenty of alcohol-free Christmas cocktail recipes to try so your drink still feels special.

Spend time with your loved ones

Christmas has come to mean something different to everyone. Whilst some families still focus on its religious element, many use Christmas as an occasion to get together. Of course, this year it’s very COVID-dependent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. Use your new-found sobriety and plough your time into finding the right presents and spending time with as many of your loved ones as possible.

Stay active

Your new hangover-free life opens up so many possibilities and, presumably, more hours in the day. Use your newfound spare time to add a little more exercise into your life. Don’t worry, that doesn’t necessarily mean running marathons every Sunday or lifting weights down the gym. However, exercise releases endorphins that help make you feel happy and energised. So, why not suggest a brisk Boxing Day walk or do your Christmas shopping by bike instead of taking the car?

Seek support

If the reason you aren’t drinking this Christmas is because of an alcohol addiction then there’s plenty of support available. Stopping drinking can be difficult at the best of times, but giving up alcohol at Christmas can be particularly trying. If you feel you need support, there are many organisations to help. Whether that’s online, over the phone or in person.


How you can Enjoy Christmas Alcohol Free with ZEO

This Christmas non-alcoholic drinks will be more popular than ever before. So, we’re in the midst of creating some exciting alcohol-free Christmas cocktails to help make the festive season extra special. Watch this space and prepare to be delighted.

Worried you won’t see your favourite alcoholic cocktail on our list? Not to worry. Our ZEO Botanical Dry spirit is incredibly versatile. So, you can simply swap it out with the gin or vodka that was originally in your cocktail.


Whatever you decide to drink this Christmas, we wish you a safe and happy break.